Expand Your Business with Product Protection

Bigfix Merchant enables modern shops to profit by selling digital protection
alongside the products they sell to customers.

How it works

  • Retail shops register as a Bigfix Merchant by providing KYC (Know Your Customer) information.
  • After verification, the retail shop can sell digital protection plans along with consumer electronics.
  • Customers can purchase the digital protection plans from the retail shop along with their product purchases for added protection and peace of mind.
  • The digital protection plan includes Extended Warranty or Damage Protection of the purchased consumer electronics.
  • The retail shop can track their sales and earnings through the Bigfix Merchant panel.
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Hassle-free claims process

Filing a claim with a traditional extended warranty program is typically a frustrating and discouraging experience, requiring customers to fill out lengthy claims forms or call unresponsive customer support numbers.

  • With Bigfix Assure, your customers can use Bigfix Vault with pre-filled information to make a claim in minutes.
  • Claims are handled by carefully selected Bigfix Servicers who have been digitally transformed to provide professional warranty services.